Make ya a cup of tea and come on in, fellers.

We might have some goodies for you!

Meet Our One Acre Farm

On our acre of land we’re able to have a garden, berry patch, mini orchard, flock of chickens, herd of goats, and lots of space for picnics, outdoor movie nights, and making memories with friends.

Meet Our Goats

Our goats (this is Adaline) are coming home spring 2023! We look forward to making natural, small batch soap for you & your family.

Meet Our Chickens

Our chackens aren’t the greatest egg layers but heck – they’re cute! Come on in and meet the girls. Feed them some worms.


Heller! My name is Kalen & I live in Kentucky with my husband, B. I homeschool our three children & love sharing goodness with people. In early 2022 we bought & began renovating a small home. She has creaky floors, a cozy fireplace, and an acre of land with chickens, a berry patch, a mini orchard, and soon some goats.

Her name is Rose Stone Cottage.


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